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Red Mage

This page is dedicated to Red Mage, the baddest of all asses!

That's right, Red Mage! Look at him! Do you know anybody else that can learn both CUR1 and FIR1? I don't think so.

Yeah, this bad ass can use both Black and White Magic. And swords. What can White Mage use? A hammer? Are there nails that need pounding in Corneria? No, but there are monsters that need to be sliced with swords. And don't get me started on Black Mage's stick. It's a damn stick, FFS.

Plus, look at his fashion sense! This bad motha *Shut your mouth!* has a cape and a sweet hat, and they're color coordinated. Sure, Black Mage has a hat, and it's even pointy, but it doesn't match his robe at all. And apparently casts so much shadow that he just winds up looking like a Jawa with little Christmas light eyes. Red Mage's hat doesn't obsure his beautiful face or angelic, flowing white hair. And it's got a feather in it, so you know it's dope.

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